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Posted by November 8, 2016

Football is becoming more globalised and fans are getting closer to players than ever via the use of social media. As a result, almost every player in the modern game has some sort of nickname – whether it be based off their performances, or based of their tendencies on the pitch.

As fans have proven with some incredible nicknames, creativity is not just limited to the football pitch.

Some of the more recognisable nicknames given to players by the fans include; ‘King Kev’ (given to Kevin Keegan due to his success as Newcastle manager), ‘The Special One (a self-given nickname by Jose Mourinho), and ‘CR7’ (Cristiano Ronaldo’s nickname and brand). However, these are just the well-known ones. There are thousands of players across the world that have nicknames.

This quiz, created by champions league betting experts Paddy Power, tests your knowledge on football players’ nicknames throughout history. How many nicknames can you guess correctly?

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Posted by September 15, 2016

Getting transferred to the Emirates and shifting to London, Rob Holding is experiencing a different life as for the first time he has to live alone and also, has to prepare his breakfast, lunch and dinner himself.

Not only that, but, to train alongside some of the global names and on top of that, having his Arsenal debut so early, Rob must be pinching himself.

He was not going to be on the team sheet in the initial weeks if the Gunners’ top picks had not been on the physiotherapist’s table, but, the fact that he was left the only option for his position, he got games first up and he showed enough to Wenger that he pointed the youngster out in his presser at the Leicester trip.

Wenger was quoted saying, “I don’t see any talk of the youngster we have played in the two matches, Rob Holding. I mean look at him, just in the early twenties, but, so talented. However, for someone to be talked of, he must come at a big transfer fee. No?”

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On asked about Wenger singling him out, Rob could not hide his smile. In his words, “I heard that. Any bit of appreciation coming from the manager feels fantastic. After every match, he chats with everyone personally. He makes it easy for newcomers, no pressure”

In what sense Premiership is a bigger challenge than the lower tiers, Rob says, “The game is played along the pitch and not that much over the top which you see in second or third divisions and because it’s along the pitch, everything is quicker, thought process, decision making, everything. You feel things are happening at a different pace.”

Holding might again feature in the XI this Saturday at the Vicarage Road.

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Posted by May 8, 2014

Kieran Gibbs has managed to win the faith of Arsenal players and the staff when many doubted his potential after the exit of Ashley Cole. Cole was regarded as one of the best left back in the world, but Gibbs was susceptible to certain defending situations.

He has proved that he is more than capable of playing at the very top level with some impressive performances. The 24-year-old has said that manager Arsene Wenger is responsible for the improvements he has shown consistently over the years. According to him, the Frenchman has a unique way of giving confidence to his players.

Wenger has come under intense criticism of late after the team yet again going to fail in the Premier league title race. After leading the table during January, the club have slipped to fourth place, which is also under threat from Everton. However, the upcoming match against Chelsea provides a great opportunity for Wenger and his men to recover their poor form in the league. Gibbs will be one of the first names of the team sheet, which is not what many would have expected back in 2009. He was put up against Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United back then and he suffered a horror show.

However, he has recovered remarkably well and says that Wenger is responsible for it.

“He lets you learn for yourself before he tells you, which I thought was interesting. When I first started playing in the team a good few years ago he didn’t give me too much advice. He let me learn for myself and then when he needed to speak to me you listen even more. He’s got a way of making you feel that you deserve to be there and he has a certain way of giving you confidence to play. He’s the one who’s given you the chance,” said Gibbs.

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Posted by March 26, 2014

Stamford Bridge was the stage which witnessed Chelsea demolishing Arsenal with a resounding 6-0 victory. The goals started flourishing since the 5th minute of the match when Samuel Eto’o was the first to score into the net of Arsenal’s Szczesny and from there on out the match was a one sided encounter with Schurrle, Hazard, Oscar and Salah all being able to mark their name on the score-sheet.

There was a moment during that match which still is running around in the mind of Kieran Gibbs. The 24 years old defender of Arsenal was sent off during the 1st half after the referee Andre Marriner mistakenly issued a red card to him instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain.

A penalty kick was awarded to Chelsea in the 1st half of the match after Oxlade-Chamberlain had touched the ball with his fingertips and the referee instead of sending off Chamberlain, he gave the sanction to Kieran Gibbs despite all of the complaints from the Arsenal players, it was the 24 years old player who had to leave the pitch.

Andree Marriner did express his disappointment after saying that he was well aware of his mistake after the match concluded with a few statements that were revealed through the Professional Game Match Officials Limited.
“Incidents of mistaken identity are very rare and are often the result of a number of different technical factors. Whilst this was a difficult decision Andre is disappointed that he failed to identify the correct player. He expressed his disappointment to Arsenal when he was made aware of the issue.”

The mistake caused by the referee made little no difference at the final result of the match as Chelsea just ran over Arsenal with superb performances from just about every player that Jose Mourinho decided to place as they continue their charge for the Premier League title.

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Gibbs Deserves A World Cup Spot

Posted by February 18, 2014

No one has spoke of Arsenal’s own English left-back Kieran Gibbs as against Ashley Cole, Leighton Baines and Luke Shaw who all are in controversy for the two left back position at this year’s world cup.

Kieran Gibbs aged about 24 year has been outstanding for his team’s arsenal this year making the supporters disregard the names of Ashley Cole and Gael Clichy who have left to the opponents Chelsea and Manchester city in this current year.

Everton’s left back player Leighton Baines has been magnificent due to his remarkable goal scoring record but this time he has not played defensively. Spaniard Cesar Azpilicueta who is really a come-back by job and got the place of Ashley Cole who once was one of the terrific left backs in the globe but has now lost his position in the Chelsea.

Luke Shaw at the age of 16, when started his career, he was shining for Southampton but at this present age of 18 his immaturity has placed his career in darkness. Thus Gibbs is the most dependable English left-back in this seasons premier league.

In the year 2007 he make his debut and he signed his first certified contract for the gunners. He makes his international debut in a friendly match against Hungary where he came for Ashley Cole during half time in August 2010. When Clichy departed Gibbs, he became Arsenal first option for left back in 2011.

As he signed a new contract for Arsene Wenger’s team in subsequent year his career began to improve a lot. Roy Hogson will be in a big problem as to whom to choose for left back position. Amongst of Cole, Bains, Shaw and Tottenhams Danny selecting only two left backs would be a difficult task for Roy but confidently Gibbs deserves to be in the world cup because of his brilliant season.

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Posted by January 24, 2014

Kieran Gibbs has said that his team Arsenal must make sure that it doesn’t become the victim of upsets in the remaining part of the ongoing season.

There have been a lot of upsets pulled off by the minor teams in the league this season. So, Gibb’s concern is really understandable.

With just about 4 months remaining in the season, the Gunners are at the top of the league table and are in with a huge chance to become the English top flight champions again after a long gap. But, a couple of teams i.e. Chelsea and Manchester City are breathing down their neck. These two teams are just a point or two away from Arsenal.

The last time that Arsenal had lifted the Premier League trophy was about 10 years back in 2004. Their performance that season was unbelievable as they hadn’t been defeated even once.

When Gibbs’ was asked about Arsenal’s chances of winning the league, he said, “We have got the belief that we can do it. Being placed at the top in January is really a big positive. But, the important thing is not to relax. The results of some of the league matches this season have been absolutely ridiculous. So, anything can happen.”

The main reason why Arsenal is suddenly looking one of the best sides in England is that they made a smart signing last summer. They brought in the German international Mesut Ozil who has proved to be sensational for them. In almost every game that he has played, he has produced superb midfield performances.

When asked about Ozil’s signing, Gibbs said, “He had been doing the same thing in Spain for Real Madrid. He is a class act and his arrival has certainly given the squad a bit of a boost.”

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Posted by January 15, 2014

Arsenal allowed Liverpool to take advantage in the title race after managing only a 0-0 draw with Chelsea. The match was taking place at the Emirates stadium, which meant that Arsenal had a great opportunity to not only take three points to cement their place at the top of the table, but also destroyed Chelsea’s hopes of winning the title.

Jose Mourinho’s men were coming into the encounter after recent run of form, which has seen them concede numerous goals. Hence, Arsenal were confident ahead of the encounter of maintaining their winning form.

Mourinho said ahead of the match that he would consider returning to defensive football if his team continues to concede a lot of goals. It was the case on Monday night, as Chelsea opted for a defensive strategy and played on the counter-attack. Arsenal will have several opportunities to recover from this disappointing draw since there are several matches coming up thick and fast. After the match, defender Kieran Gibbs stated that he was disappointed by Arsenal’s failure to take all three points, but he is confident that the club will be able to return to winning ways starting with the next match.

“I think we can say we deserved to win the game. There were chances at both ends but we were the ones that ended up disappointed. It was a scrappy game and the weather did not help. We were left frustrated but this is the most unforgiving part of the season. We have to respond quickly as we play every three days for the next two weeks. We have to forget it and move on,” said Gibbs to the club’s official website.

Arsenal’s next match will be against West Ham at Upton Park. West Ham, under Sam Allardyce, have been very poor at home this season.

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Posted by October 29, 2013

Arsenal defender Kieran Gibbs has been one of the standout performers for the club this season and he has secured the praise of manager Arsene Wenger, who thinks that Gibbs has come of age this season.

Arsenal have enjoyed a long-standing tradition of producing great left backs and it has been the case since the days of Ashley Cole. Gael Clichy departed the club a few years ago. It was feared that Gibbs may not be able to become one of the greats because he was being thrust into first-team action too soon.

This has proven to be not the case because Gibbs has coped admirably well in his role as the Arsenal left back. He has also managed to get a few international caps under his belt as well. This season he has been able to keep Spanish international Nacho Monreal on the sidelines due to his impressive form. The 24-year-old was one of the best players for Arsenal in the recent 2-0 win over Napoli, and this earned the praise of manager Wenger. Wenger has said that Gibbs has been improving in every area of the pitch, while he has also been getting stronger as well.

His performances have also been on the rise and Wenger expects Gibbs to be a first-team regular for the England national team soon.

“You can only have the result we had on Tuesday if the team plays very well, that means that everybody performs. At the moment I think that Kieran Gibbs is getting stronger, he has shown more authority in his game and technically he has absolutely improved a lot. That’s very positive that people do not talk so much about him because that means he does his job well, and the fact that he’s not so much at the moment in the spotlight is for positive reasons,” said Wenger.

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Mourinho buries hatchet with Arsenal boss Wenger

Posted by August 1, 2013

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and his Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger have not always seen eye to eye in the past, but it seems that the pair have buried the hatchet after The Special One’s second coming to England and as Chelsea boss.

The Portuguese tactician opened up about the respect he has for the Frenchman which began several seasons ago when he first came to the English shores many seasons ago. Mourinho was quoted as saying that he started meeting Wenger at the Euros, in UEFA and the World Cup and they had dinner together and so on before adding that when they are not in the same league and not fighting each other for a major title, it is easier to make friends, go deeper. The former Real Madrid boss stated that the Arsenal manager is a very nice person and it is very easy to speak to him about football.

When Mourinho was in his first stint at the club, he called Wenger a ‘voyeur’ after the Frenchman made several comments about the club. But in his latest press conference, Mourinho stated that their differences have been buried in the past, going on to add that he respects him a lot and will always show his respect.

He mentioned that in football, even if one is close friends with another and he makes a comment that the other doesn’t like, it is easy to react. However, at the end of the day, mutual respect is something that exists between the two and Mourinho is certain that the Arsenal also holds no malice towards him and he even went to the extent of betting that there wouldn’t be any single problem between the two come the new season of the Premier League when the rivalry is rekindled between the two.

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Football Game Review

Posted by July 10, 2013

More than ever people looking for entertainment while at home that isn’t the television, and on my casinos are now the answer for many people. This is because they have such a wide variety of games to choose from and play, as well as being available whenever you want and on whatever device you want.

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One such slots game is called Soccer Safari slots game, you will find this game on many different online casinos and is incredibly popular in all of them. This game consists of five different reels are all spin round at once on when they stop all you have to do is match two or more symbols from left to right on one of the 30 different lines available, when you successfully do this which you will often the game will pay you some winnings.

With so many different lines you always have a high chance of winning which always makes playing more fun. Not only is the game great fun to play and reasonable in its payouts but it is also a good-looking game as it has a great art style filled with different Safari animals playing soccer. It also has a symbol of the World Cup trophy which if you get three or more of on a single spin a bonus game will appear for you to play.

In this game all you have to do is score a goal by choosing the correct corner that you think the keeper will not go to, if you do this you then get 100x multiplier towards your next win. Because of all of this the game is very rewarding to play should be checked out by any one at an online casino.

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