Getting transferred to the Emirates and shifting to London, Rob Holding is experiencing a different life as for the first time he has to live alone and also, has to prepare his breakfast, lunch and dinner himself.

Not only that, but, to train alongside some of the global names and on top of that, having his Arsenal debut so early, Rob must be pinching himself.

He was not going to be on the team sheet in the initial weeks if the Gunners’ top picks had not been on the physiotherapist’s table, but, the fact that he was left the only option for his position, he got games first up and he showed enough to Wenger that he pointed the youngster out in his presser at the Leicester trip.

Wenger was quoted saying, “I don’t see any talk of the youngster we have played in the two matches, Rob Holding. I mean look at him, just in the early twenties, but, so talented. However, for someone to be talked of, he must come at a big transfer fee. No?”

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On asked about Wenger singling him out, Rob could not hide his smile. In his words, “I heard that. Any bit of appreciation coming from the manager feels fantastic. After every match, he chats with everyone personally. He makes it easy for newcomers, no pressure”

In what sense Premiership is a bigger challenge than the lower tiers, Rob says, “The game is played along the pitch and not that much over the top which you see in second or third divisions and because it’s along the pitch, everything is quicker, thought process, decision making, everything. You feel things are happening at a different pace.”

Holding might again feature in the XI this Saturday at the Vicarage Road.