Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and his Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger have not always seen eye to eye in the past, but it seems that the pair have buried the hatchet after The Special One’s second coming to England and as Chelsea boss.

The Portuguese tactician opened up about the respect he has for the Frenchman which began several seasons ago when he first came to the English shores many seasons ago. Mourinho was quoted as saying that he started meeting Wenger at the Euros, in UEFA and the World Cup and they had dinner together and so on before adding that when they are not in the same league and not fighting each other for a major title, it is easier to make friends, go deeper. The former Real Madrid boss stated that the Arsenal manager is a very nice person and it is very easy to speak to him about football.

When Mourinho was in his first stint at the club, he called Wenger a ‘voyeur’ after the Frenchman made several comments about the club. But in his latest press conference, Mourinho stated that their differences have been buried in the past, going on to add that he respects him a lot and will always show his respect.

He mentioned that in football, even if one is close friends with another and he makes a comment that the other doesn’t like, it is easy to react. However, at the end of the day, mutual respect is something that exists between the two and Mourinho is certain that the Arsenal also holds no malice towards him and he even went to the extent of betting that there wouldn’t be any single problem between the two come the new season of the Premier League when the rivalry is rekindled between the two.