Kieran Gibbs is having a hard time in Arsenal as the English left-back is a player who is being used as a backup option more than anything else.

There are certain matches that Gibbs gets time on the pitch but the majority of his campaign in this season at the Emirates Stadium has seen him sitting on the sidelines but this may change depending on whether or not Newcastle United launched a tempting enough offer.

Newcastle United is rumored on being interested in signing Kieran Gibbs but now that the transfer window has closed, Newcastle will have to wait at least until the summer for the next transfer window to open up and for the club to launch a bid for the 26 year old defender who is serving as a fringe player in Arsenal.

Steve McClaren is the head coach of Newcastle United and in this season, he has had to deploy a number of makeshift defences due to injuries and players who have been struggling in the defensive department of the club and this is why Kieran Gibbs is being taken into consideration as a player who can potentially solve some of the issues that the Premier League club has been going through.

Arsene Wenger has preferred utilizing the services of Nacho Monreal instead of Kieran Gibbs and this has forced the English left-back on having to fall behind in the pecking order of the French manager.

The January transfer window has already reached it’s end and Newcastle United was believed to be attempting of signing Kieran Gibbs but as the days went by, no official transaction or offer was announced and now Steve McClaren will have to find a way to deal with some of the defensive issues of his squad but they are still keeping their eyes opened and are expected to launch an offer for the player in the summer.