Kieran Gibbs stated that he did not consider West Brom to be good enough for the current season; as a result relegation of the same has been confirmed for West Brom. Kieran Gibbs confirmed the same and apologized to the fans at the same time.

An eight-year spell of the Baggies in the Premier League now comes to an end after Southampton was able to defeat Swansea at a score of 1-0; this game was held at Liberty Stadium which was on last Tuesday. The Baggies needed to get a draw in order to keep the hopes alive; this would have helped them to stay in the top flight for the next season, but that seemed like a tall order by the time the campaign’s last day came across.

Kieran Gibbs stated that the feeling of being relegated was a horrible one. The recent form that the team had obtained was a great one. The season had been a wild one; the one as well as off the pitch and the learning curve had been huge. However, Kieran feels that there is no excuse when they were not good enough for the major part of the campaign. Hence he issued a statement apologizing to the fans. He stated that it was unbelievable the amount of support that the fans had provided.

Gibbs sent this message on Twitter where he talked about the performance of the team and how they had been on a large learning curve. The relegation was probably justified as per their performance on the field and that the team felt apologetic to the fans who had supported them. News of relegation came on the day when Darren Moore was named Premier League Manager for the month of April and when they celebrated having 100 staff members on board.