Kieran Gibbs has been an injury prone player in the recent past. He is still a very young man, but, in the last few seasons, he has seen a lot of injury setbacks and has spent a considerable amount of time out of football, but, he seems to have found a solution for his problem of getting injured frequently. He is in Portugal these days doing Yoga.

Yoga is believed to play a big role in making the body of the sportspersons less injury prone. Most of the players who have the history of remaining fit for a long period of time do Yoga. One of those players is Ryan Giggs, the Manchester United legend.

Giggs was an active player in the Premier League last season despite being about 40 years of age which suggests a lot about his fitness level.

During his 29-year old career, Giggs suffered very few injuries and he has said in many of his interviews that it’s Yoga which has helped him remain so fit over the years.

Gibbs has also decided to follow the footsteps of Giggs. Although, he is only in his mid twenties at the moment, but, he has started focussing on Yoga to make sure that his fitness level improves and he ends up having a long career.
Gibbs had not been included by the English manager, Roy Hodgson, in the World Cup squad which gave him the time to travel to Portugal and learn a bit of Yoga.

On a social networking site, Gibbs recently uploaded a picture of him being taught Yoga by a trainer. The Arsenal left back is looking pretty focussed in the picture.

In the last season, Gibbs had made 28 League appearances for Arsenal and had done pretty well.