The ex-England star Gareth Barry was granted leave without any questions being asked before he returned for his training. Barry lost his brother recently which was indeed tragic news for everyone including West Brom. The boss of West Brom Darren Moore said that it’s terrible news and feels for Gareth and his family. The team members of the club extended their condolences.  Moore said that Gareth clearly knows that we are reliable and extend complete support as well as understanding to help him handle the tragic incident. The Baggies have agreed to offer Barry an extended leave if he wants to support his family and be by their side.

Recently, there was a quiz performed on the most deserving players to take part in the Premier League. This was done in the honor of the first Filipino and the question was also raised on the players from more established teams of the nation. The list of premier league players who have served longest by country has indeed seen a transformation in recent times. Gareth Barry was relegated with West Brom to the championship has qualified onto the baton to an old Englishman. However, there is hope that Barry would make a great return to Manchester City in January. He is undoubtedly one of the great players who have made maximum appearances in the Premier League.

The Englishman moved to Aston Villa as a youngster and he spends around 12 years at the club. Barry was the captain of Aston Villa. He joined Manchester City in 2009 and achieved the FA Cup in the year 2011. In addition, Barry achieved the Premier League title in the following season. Being in the season on loan, Barry decided to join Everton a 3 year contract in 2014 and soon after expiration the player joined West